Hospital Marketing

  • Hospital marketing
  • Hospital marketing
  • Hospital marketing
  • Hospital marketing
  • Hospital marketing

Best Ideas for Hospital Marketing

  1. Website along with an SEO.
  2. Facebook Promotions
  3. Internal Branding
  4. Flyers in multiple languages
  5. Lead Generation Campaigns
  6. Pole / Newspaper marketing
  7. Enhancing Google Business sharing
  8. SMM

Our Services For Hospital Marketing

Hospital Marketing

Google Business

Just listing your business on google doesn’t give you  good results. Your profile is one of the first opportunities you have to to truly brand yourself and company. To avoid adding too much, or not defining who you want to come across as, it’s best to keep your profile simple and memorable.

We will help you getting a top position on google with the help of .

  • Completely fill-in your profile.
  • Designing & uploading high quality graphics for your page.
  • Improving google ratings by contacting your clients.
  • Inter-relating your online presence  ( Social Sites + Google + Website + Blogs )
  • 360 Degree view.

Website and SEO

Your website is incomplete without SEO. Simply it’s of no use unless and until it is readable by Google Crawlers.

ON-site optimization.

  • The on-site work is revolved around changing textual and ‘meta data’ to better reflect relevancy of the keywords you are targeting. This does not involve ‘keyword stuffing‘ but rather ensuring that on a both structural/technical level and semantic level, your site is putting the most relevant face forward to the Search Engines.


Facebook Events

Facebook Marketing is one of the best tools to to reach target audiance. We promote hospitals by creating and boosting an event with a product of their choise on facebook.

Why facebook marketing for HOSPITALS ?

  1. An average facebook user spends 55 min per day
  2. 80000 sites are using Facebook Connect
  3. With Facebook Marketing we can target typical audiance like ( Age, Area, Interest )


We Specialize in Delivering Patients to Your Hospital’s High-Priority Service Lines.

  • Society Tie-up.
  • Corporate Tie-up.
  • Doctor Referal.
  • Discount Coupons






Marketing for doctors and marketing for hospitals has become a need now a days. Before taking a treatment and visiting a doctor patients go through doctors profile and hospital website before visiting. Reason behind giving both of them a one stop solution for healthcare marketing is.

  1. Specialist doctors don’t have time to look after marketing even an internal management.
  2. Digital marketing and branding has become a trend which the patient follows the most.

Services offered under retainer plan.

Digital Marketing for doctors and hospitals.

  • Online reputation management
  • Post suggestions ( FB AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA )
  • Digital marketing strategies to reach maximum number of viewers

Internal & External Marketing

  • Patient referral programs
  • Professional referral programs
  • Patient reactivation programs
  • Patient education collateral
  • In-office promotional posters
  • Marketing-based stationery
  • Collateral (brochures, patient information flyers, etc.)
  • Outdoor signage (billboards, street signs, etc.)
  • Public relations & guaranteed public relations

Staff & Practice Rep Training

  • Custom staff training and customer service excellence programs align your support staff around your practice marketing program and objectives.
  • Custom practice representative training programs help make your practice rep most effective at developing,nurturing and retaining your referrals.

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