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T Shirt Screen Printing

Also known as Silk Screen Printing. Undoubtedly, screen printing is the best solution to print on a fabric of any type. Screen printing is technically an “impact” printing process. In simple words ink comes in contact with a fabric along with some impact, a pressure. No other printing process till now can match a quality of screen printing.
Regardless of the quality it provides, screen printing has few drawbacks over other t-shirt printing methods.

How does screen printing work ?

Step 1  – A polyster mesh is exposed along with a light sensitive material. Non image areas becomes opaque & ink can be transferred  onto any substrate. In general, the screen is called ” A Die “. Different screen is made of every color.
Step 2 – Screen is placed over the substrate, in our case on a t shirt or a fabric. Color is poured in a screen and squeegee presses is against screen. Color ( Image ) is printed onto a t shirt.

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Screen Printing

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Drawbacks of T shirt Screen Printing

a ) Time : Screen Printing requires a “ Die “ to print. A mesh that works as a printing media. So if you are looking for an instant option, screen printing is not for you.
b) Quantity : Screen, Mesh, Exposing etc all together takes atleast 5 to 6 hours per color. So, the process is lengthy and costly if you are looking for one or upto 20 t-shirts. This adds up in cost. Hence, screen printing is not a suitable option for low quantities. No doubt if you are ready to pay for a quality, screen printing has no alternative.

Benefits of T Shirt Screen Printing

As mentioned earlier, screen printing offers highest quality in terms of ink fastness & print durability. Screen printing is a best solution for bulk quantities. Its 20 times cheaper than vinyl or DTG Printing for bulk quantities. No matter how long it takes to make a screen ready, once we are set with screens ( Die ) , screen printing is a fastest printing process .

T shirt Screen Printing at Creative Graphics Navi Mumbai

We have in-house 8 color butterfly screen printing setup at our Nerul, Navi Mumbai unit which can achieve a print run of 2000 t-shirts per day. Not only this, we are the only t shirt printer in Navi Mumbai to offer multicolor t shirt printing at affordable cost. If you are looking for college event tshirts, customized tshirts for events or even for your employees, we can offer you the best solution if you are looking for t shirt screen printing.

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One of the alternatives to t shirt screen printing is DTF / ITG ( PET FILM TRANSFER PRINTING ). We are manufacturers and distributors of DTF machines. We do supply PET film, DTF Inks, Hot Melt Powder all over India.
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