Don’t just order a custom t shirt online without understanding by which process it is printed, what is a gsm of fabric you are buying.Life of a t shirt is affected by1) Amount and quality of ink that is printed on it.2) Type of the T shirt garment. Whether it is combed or biowash. Biowash are good for regular use whereas combed fabrics are termed promotional.3) After printing, T shirts are dried either by natural drying, uv exposure or heat.

Which is the best printing process for t shirt ?

Well there is nothing called good or bad but yes we can call it a suitable !We always prefer screen printing for big orders. If adesign is in a single or two color anĸ quantity is above 20, screen printing is the best solution.Quantity below 10 ? If a deaign is in single color, Vinyl transfer is a best choice.Quantity is below 50 and the design is multicolor DTG ( Direct to Garment is the best choice.

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