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Successful completion of online marketing platform of Sweet Clinics ( Vashi )


  • Timely and proactive Diabetes management is all about educating a patient to enable him / her adjust one’s lifestyle, in a way that keeps blood glucose under control which in turn enhances the overall quality of life.
  • Further, treatment of Diabetes doesn’t get restricted to management of blood sugar but management of predisposing factors like hypertension, cholesterol and other cardiac elements and prevention of complications.
  • This can only be done with a support of a multi-disciplinary team of experts practicing standard clinical protocols to monitor, address and prevent Diabetes & its complications.
  • Having worked for more than ten years at All India Institute of Diabetes, Mumbai and while treating patients coming over from all across the country with serious complications arising mainly out of uncontrolled Diabetes, we always pondered that this could have definitely been avoided if one could provide a comprehensive Diabetes Management centre having all the facilities and services under one roof.

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