DTG – The future for fast and colorful printing in the Printing Industry !

Looking for DTG Printer in Navi Mumbai or Mumbai ? Or want to buy a DTG ?

The new direct-to-garment printer brings a whole new game to the printing industry and we are the 1st and only to offer DTG Printing in Navi Mumbai. We also offer DTG printer sales & service. The finishing effect is all glamorous and colorful bliss, coupled with the fact that it takes lesser time and skill to print with the DTG printer. The printing industry has stuck to the screen printing technique for far too long, a process that is labor-intensive takes more time, and require excellent handling skills. With the DTG printer, the printing machine does all the jobs paving the way for faster output and on-time delivery.

How does the DTG printer work ?

The DTG printer makes use of inks to print directly on the garment. As concerning as this may be, due to the problems associated in the case of malfunctions, the printing machine is 100% efficient and fast. The DTG printing machine utilizes the use of special inks designed to be able to be absorbed by the fabrics of the garment. The DTG printing machine prints at a high-speed without neglecting the details of the design. With the DTG printer, printing is made easier as all the work is done by the machine, thereby reducing the workforce required during the printing process.

Have you always craved more details on your design when printing? With the DTG printing machine, you will have a colorful well-printed shirt with a focus on all details of the design. The skill required to operate the DTG machine is lesser when compared to screen printing. With the DTG printing machine, you get to produce more customized shirts with a detailed design that will adhere perfectly to the surface of your garment at a cheap rate.

DTG Printing at Creative Graphics ( Navi Mumbai unit )

Calculation of the cost for DTG Printing

DTG Printing is best suited for small quantity multi color print jobs.

DTG Printing cost

Calculation of the cost for Screen Printing

Scree, so far the best process for printing a t-shirt. Suited for production work i.e large quantity with 1-6 colors.

Tshirt prinitng cost with screen printing

The DTG printer prints faster and at a cheaper rate for small orders.

The DTG printing machine is cheap and prints at a faster speed, thereby reducing the costs associated with specialized skills and labor for printing. Being the best but a costly affair when it comes to an investment in T-shirt Printing. Leave it to us. We are the only comprehensive fabric printing shop in Navi Mumbai. You don’t have to be disturbed about how long printing for your functions will take or how well the design will turn out with the DTG printer. You can always expect the best quality of prints at all times with the machine.

The DTG printing machine offers more details on the printing

With the DTG printing machine, you can mix many colors in your design while still maintaining the quality of the design. The machine pays more attention to details than screen printing; therefore, you can make more colorful designs without worries about mixing colors.

The DTG printing machine is easy to set up and requires smaller space

Setting up the DTG machine for operation is fast and easy, it doesn’t require much training either to operate. The machine is also of relatively average size and, therefore, doesn’t need much space to set-up.

The DTG printing machine requires less labor and training

The world is in an industrialized age, where the utilization of machines makes most activities easier. The DTG printing machine takes the place of a lot of labors associated with printing plus the laborers need only little training before they start to function effectively.

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Looking for DTG Printing in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai ?

Or you wish to buy a DTG !

We offer DTG Job work and machine sales & service as well.