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The new direct-to-garment printer and a PET Film transfer technique bring a whole new game to the printing industry and we are the 1st and only to offer DTG & DTF Printing in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We also offer DTG + DTF printer sales & service. The finishing effect is all glamorous and colorful bliss, coupled with the fact that it takes lesser time and skill to print with the DTG printer. 

The printing industry has stuck to the screen printing technique for far too long, a process that is labor-intensive takes more time, and require excellent handling skills. With the DTG printer, the printing machine does all the jobs paving the way for faster output and on-time delivery. We are the 1st printing press in Mumbai who manufactured and introduced Custom Low cost DTG.  

We offer  T-shirt Printing services in Vashi, Nerul, Kharghar, Belapur with home delivery option. Along with DTG, we do offer other printing techniques like Screen Print, DTF, Sublimation & Print & Cut Vinyl where DTG doesn’t work. Visit the best place for Customized T shirt printing in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai.

T-shirt Printing Techniques available at Creative Graphics ( EVERYTHING IN-HOUSE ) !

Best DTF/PET Film Transfer Printer & Service in Mumbai

No matter whether your T shirt is of cotton or any other material. Do you want to print multi color logo or photo on a T shirt ? DTG is the only affordable option for you. Creative uses Brother GTX for customization of t shirts with multi color print on it .

Best DTF/PET Film Transfer Printer & Service in Mumbai

Quantity is more ? Looking for best quality t shirt printing with affordable cost ? We have butterfly screen printing process to fulfill your need. Screen print is known for the best printing results with up-to 4 color print on a t shirt.

Best DTF/PET Film Transfer Printer & Service in Mumbai

Multicolor Customized Print with 20 times better quality than DTG with Pet Film Transfer Printing. We are the 1st to introduce DTF in Mumbai. Customized t shirt with print in just 20 min.

Best DTF/PET Film Transfer Printer & Service in Mumbai

Single Color graphics on single tshirt ? Vinyl heat transfer is the best idea ? Vinyl tshirt printing process takes less than 15 min. to print single color graphics on your tshirt. Let it be a text or any other single color illustration.

All fabric printing techniques are unique. Share your design on whatsapp, let us know the quantity and we will help you in selecting a best printing process for t shirt printing.

What is DTG? What are best alternatives to DTG?


The DTG printer makes use of inks to print directly on the garment. As concerning as this may be, due to the problems associated in the case of malfunctions, the printing machine is 100% efficient and fast. The DTG printing machine utilizes the use of special inks designed to be able to be absorbed by the fabrics of the garment. The DTG printing machine prints at a high-speed without neglecting the details of the design. With the DTG printer, printing is made easier as all the work is done by the machine, thereby reducing the workforce required during the printing process.

Have you always craved more details on your design when printing? With the DTG printing machine, you will have a colorful well-printed shirt with a focus on all details of the design. The skill required to operate the DTG machine is lesser when compared to screen printing. With the DTG printing machine, you get to produce more customized shirts with a detailed design that will adhere perfectly to the surface of your garment at a cheap rate. DTF is a best alternative to DTG.

Are you looking to purchase a DTF printer or a complete setup ? Click here to learn more about DTF.

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