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t shirt printing methods

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What printing method should we choose for T-shirt printing ?

t shirt printing methods

Selection of printing method for a t shirt is all about quantity and number of colors in design file to be printed.
Following methods are used for bulk as well as customized T-shirt printing.

One of the oldest and the best printing methods for fabric printing is silk screen printing. Though you have color and quantity restrictions screen printing outputs can never be matched with any other fabric printing methods.
 Screen printing is a better selection if
1) Quantity of production is 50+
2) Less number of colors to be printed.
3) If you are expecting low production cost and have repeated orders of same artwork.
Never consider screen printing if 
1) Customized printing order
2) Polyster garment
3) Multicolor design and low quantity


Probably the only option for customized garment printing industry. DTF outputs are as good as screen printing. Not so long lasting but there is no other replacement if multicolored custom designs are to be printed keeping low cost, small quantities in mind.
You can consider DTF if
1) Quick delivery
2) Multicolored output 
3) Ecommerce business


Embroidery has its own place in fabric printing business. One in all one for all. 
You should consider embroidery if
1) Ready to compromise on colors but need long lasting output.
2) Corporate polo fabric
3) Ready to compromise clarity but need raised corporate look.

Most costly but yet one more printing methods in customized fabric printing. DTG is still preferred by many of the clients looking for all over printing. You will hardly feel DTG outputs with touch. Though DTG outputs are not long lasting. They fade away in few washes.


Jersey fabric ? Then sublimation has no better alternative. 
You should consider sublimation if
1) Customized printing is to be done on light color ready made jersey / polyster.
2) All over printing is to be done keeping quantity atleast 30+
Facts : – Sublimation is not possible on dark color polyster fabric or cotton fabric.


Selection of printing process is completely dependent on colors in the design, the expected life of the print and majorly the quantity.

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